A 4x4 trip through Southern Africa

Collection and transit

Do you charge extra when a vehicle is collected on a Saturday or Sunday?

No, the day of collection does not alter the cost. Many of our clients arrive on a weekend.

Does Bushtrackers arrange transport to and from the airport?

We use a transfer company for those clients who need the service.  The transfer service send a representative to International Arrivals hall and transports you to our depot.  The charge is subject to change.  As at January 2015 the charge to transport two passengers is R475.00 one way.

Equipment in the 4x4

How is the kitchen equipment stored in the vehicles?

We have a rack system to ensure that equipment boxes do not fly around in transit (not drawers).  Some of our vehicles have sliders for the fridge.

What kind of jack do you provide?

We provide a normal jack.  If you wish to have an air jack, there is a once-off charge of R500 covering the entire rental period.

Do you provide an air compressor and tyre pressure gauge along with a puncture repair kit?

Our vehicles are fitted with BFGoodrich All Terrain Tyres.  In the unlikely event of a puncture, a spare wheel is provided. You may request an additional spare wheel.  You may also hire a heavy duty compressor with tyre gauge for R500.00.

Vehicle insurance

What does the insurance cover?

Accident/collision damage to, and vehicle theft of, the rented vehicle with an excess amount.
Insurance does not cover damage to any other vehicles outside SA Customs Union. (Compulsory 3rd Party Insurance available at the Border Posts)
Insurance does not cover personal items or personal travel insurance.
To be covered, all drivers must be between 25 and 75 years of age, and in possession of a valid unendorsed driver's license  (S.A. or International - valid for the past 3 years.)
There are area restrictions as to where vehicles may travel - please advise Route Plan prior to booking vehicle.

How does the insurance excess work?

If you opt for the insurance with an excess, you are responsible for any damage which is less than the excess.  We offer reduced excess insurance options.

What about third party insurance?

Third party insurance is purchased at the border posts of Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia, and costs about R250.00, and is a compulsory border cost.

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